Welcome to the ParaYoga® Teacher Accreditation Program
The ParaYoga® Master Training (PYMT) Program is one of the most in-depth Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Programs in the world. Its curriculum has been meticulously developed to ensure that all accredited ParaYoga® teachers possess the skill and mastery necessary to share the life-changing potential and spirit of Yoga. Accredited teachers have demonstrated their understanding and capacities to authoritatively lead others into the teachings of ParaYoga® through written testing, formal evaluation of their instruction and teaching skills as well as required teaching and personal practice experience.
Every ParaYoga® Certified Teacher has extensive training in Asana, Bandha, Pranayama and the array of meditation practices that ParaYoga® offers. To fulfill ParaYoga®’s accreditation requirements, applicants are first steeped in the principles, philosophies, and practices of ParaYoga®. To become accredited, applicants must confirm that they have translated their studies into the capacity to guide others into, and thereby masterfully share, ParaYoga® practices and philosophies. The accreditation process generally requires no less than two years to complete.

Every accredited teacher is considered to be an essential voice, an instrument in ParaYoga®’s mission to touch people’s lives with the power and spirit of its teachings and to positively affect the evolution of individuals, Yoga, and life in the world. ParaYoga® accredited teachers are more than Yoga teaching professionals; they are highly motivated students and committed practitioners who embody what they teach.

ParaYoga® Certified teachers continue to satisfy minimum continuing education requirements on an annual basis. Accredited teachers maintain a regular personal Sadhana (practice) that includes Asana, Pranayama, Japa, and meditation. All teachers understand that applying ParaYoga® principles as well as continuing to honor and follow all ethical guidelines, as outlined in the ParaYoga® Code of Ethics, is paramount to remain in good standing as an accredited ParaYoga® Teacher.

The ParaYoga® accreditation process has been developed to ensure that Certified teachers have accomplished and/or met the following qualifications:
1. The capacity to share the teachings of ParaYoga® with all levels of students.
2. The skill to design and/or lead any number and variety of classes, as well as being able to tailor them for the specific needs of individual students or groups.
3. They exemplify, to themselves and the community at large, the excellence and refinement of the lineage of ParaYoga® as well as the tradition of the Himalayan sages of which it is a part.

ParaYoga® Level II Certified Teachers, in addition to all of the above, are required to have more in-depth training as it relates to:
4. Prescribing personal practices for individuals using the techniques of Pranayama, Asana, and specific meditation practices.

Click here to download a summarized handout on steps to Certification.

The following is a detailed description of the process of applying for ParaYoga® teacher accreditation. It has five sections:
1.    Prerequisites and Process for Applying for Accreditation as ParaYoga® Level I Certified Teacher
2.    Prerequisites and Process for Applying for Accreditation as ParaYoga® Level II Certified Teacher
3.    ParaYoga® Certified Teacher Benefits
4.    Requirements for Maintaining Accredited Status
5.    Standards and Requirements for all Classes Titled ParaYoga®